We shared a couple of sneak peeks of Baby "S" a few weeks ago and have been meaning to go back and share more of his session with you.  This little guy was a super-sleepy and cooperative little model and we captured some really beautiful images for mom and dad.  

We like to capture all of the tiniest details while baby is sleeping soundly.  Like this of his little eyelashes ...

pflugerville newborn photo 1

Or this one of his little foot and mom and dad's wedding rings ...

pflugerville newborn photos 2

Those tender details preserve the freshness and newness of those little things you'll fall in love with as you hold your newborn baby and gaze at her with admiration.

And then, of course, we love to include images of mom and dad together with baby ...

pflugerville newborn photo 3
pflugerville newborn photo 4
round rock baby photographer 1
pflugerville newborn photo 6

We generally start our newborn sessions off by posing our newborns on various fabrics draped over a beanbag, altering the poses little by little to get different angles ...

pflugerville newborn photo 8

This is, by far, our most requested newborn pose - the froggy pose.  This little guy didn't want to stick his feet out (every newborn model is different), but you get the idea.  The froggy pose is a composite image of two images.  What you can't see in the image below is that Michelle was holding his hands from underneath his chin, helping to support his head.  Then she removed the crown and held baby's head from above so we could snap a clean picture of his hands.  Using Photoshop, we put the two together and *magically* Michelle is out of the picture and it looks like baby is supporting himself.


More flow posing on fabrics ...

pflugerville newborn photo 12

And then we finish up with props, if mom and dad want them!


Our newborn sessions include digital image files and prints in a beautiful, custom-designed Keepsake Collection box.  Here's the design for baby "S", followed by the finished product:

Eternal Forms Photography specializes in maternity, pregnancy, newborn and baby photography.  My wife, Michelle, and I would love to create images just like these for you and your family.  Drop us an email or give us a call today! (512) 433-6823