We met Jamie and Alicia a couple of years ago now when they called wanting an extra special newborn session.  Daddy is an avid classic car lover and wanted to share his love of cars with his new baby boy, AJ.  He wanted to incorporate a couple of old cars in the session!  At first, I was reluctant and I remember telling Alicia, "Cars are just so big, and newborns are so tiny - I'm afraid that the focus won't be on baby in the final images."  Well, I was wrong.  Not only was that session one of the more challenging and unique sessions we did, I loved shooting and editing it! 

When we learned that Jamie and Alicia were expecting another boy, our hearts went "VROOM VROOM!" We thought we'd get a chance to take some more cool car (ahem, and newborn) photos!  As it turned out, though, Mommy and Daddy wanted our standard studio images, so we didn't get to do the cars.  BUUUT, Alicia said she'd love to do something like the "Little Rascals" with baby Ezra and his older brother, and that sounded like a lot of fun to me!

I didn't have much time, but I banged out this little Clubhouse overnight (literally, I was up at midnight banging it together with a hammer and nails!).  It sure made for a cute photo with the two of them!

And how about the rest of these images of little Ezra?  Ain't he just a handsome little dude?

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