As an artist, it's important to try new things and stretch my creative abilities.  I always welcome a new challenge and love photographing clients in new and different locations.  This past weekend, I had the opportunity to photograph an Austin family in the SoCo/South 1st area - my first urban session in that area. 

Late afternoon on a Saturday in South Austin was a bit crazy!  What I didn't realize until the day before the session is that it was also Fun Fun Fun Fest at Auditorium Shores.  There were people EVERYWHERE!   Remarkably, although we had to wait a bit here and there, we really weren't bothered too much by all of the pedestrian traffic. 

What strikes me about these images is the vibrancy - the colors are bold and striking - very different from our usual outdoorsy locations.   Perhaps even more so, I think I captured the vibrancy in the Veach family!   I really enjoyed watching the three of them interact with one another, and they brought a lot of enthusiasm and energy to the session.

Here are a few "sneak peek" images from their session.

Hi, I'm Joseph!  That's me below, with our two boys.  Together with my wife, Michelle, we are the photographers behind Eternal Forms. We're both God-loving and family-loving people.  We enjoy drawing the joy and light out of people and capturing it through our photography.  Years ago, I was a student of religion and philosophy and received my degree in the same.  I've always been able to see the Light in others.  I believe we're all on this journey back Home together.  At the center of this journey is the eternal form of Love.  Our individual lives are personal expressions of that love.  I didn't grow up wanting to be a photographer, but I've always wanted to show others the Light and Love within them.  As a portrait photographer, my fundamental task is seeing and using light to create an image of my client.  To my wife and I, that image should reflect something personal, unique and timeless about them.  This why we chose the name, Eternal Forms.  We would love to capture the Light and Love in your family, and we'd be humbled and grateful for the opportunity to be your family's photographers!

Joseph and Michelle live in Round Rock and serve the greater Austin, Texas metropolitan area.  Give us a call soon and we can discuss what your family's needs are and how we might serve you.  (512) 433-6823 or email  Thank you for visiting!