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Round Rock Newborn Photographers

Do you want gorgeous images of your newborn like the ones above?  

Can't you hear your friends & family "oooo-ing" and "aahh-ing" over your baby's photos?

We'd love to speak with you about creating beautiful images for you and your family.

We started photographing newborns several years ago, starting with our oldest son.  My wife and I knew just how quickly those first days would pass us by and we wanted to document every little wrinkle and the pure innocence of our sweet baby.  Now our boys are 6 and 4 and my how the time passed!!

If you're like us and most parents, the memories of those tiny details and first moments with your baby will quickly fade.   Having your newborn's portraits to look back on will bring you back to this special time again and again.  

Don't let these very precious moments slip by you.  Give us a call today and we'll chat more about creating beautiful images like those above for you and your family.

Call us at (512) 433-6823 or use our

If you're ready to book your session, or want to inquire about a specific date, just click the button below to get started!

About us: 

Eternal Forms Photography was recognized in 2016 as one of the Top 20 newborn photographers in Austin because we deliver consistently gorgeous images for our clients.  In 2017 we were one of three finalists for the Austin Birth Awards' Best Maternity Photographer  

We stand out from the crowd because we believe in giving our clients more.  

1.   Digital files are important to our clients, which is why we include high-resolution digital image files with print release in all standard sessions.   

2.  Our clients are social and love sharing online with family and friends.  We include a complimentary web-resolution image file for every high-resolution image, which is perfect for sharing on Facebook or wherever you are!   Get ready for those "Likes" to start rolling in! 

3.  Our clients value tangible, printed photographs.  Digital is great, but there's nothing like holding a photograph in your hand or hanging one on your wall.  That is why each of our standard sessions includes a professional 5x7" print of each of your digital image files.   We take it a step further and include a custom-designed Keepsake Collection box to hold them, featuring favorite images from your session!   These are instant family heirlooms for our clients.  Sounds good, yes?!

4.  Our clients want their images to look their best. We do, too. We've spent hundreds of hours learning Photoshop and professionally retouch every single image we produce. We do not batch edit.  We do not rely on automated actions. We have the education, skill and individual attention to detail that makes our work stand out above the rest.  

5.  Every session is custom designed around each client.   Whatever your style, whatever your nursery decor and colors, we will work to select colors, fabrics and props that best suit your tastes.  We will also incorporate props that you find particularly meaningful.  Why let a photographer take a cookie cutter approach to your unique family's photos?  

 baby boy pictures for greater Austin

baby boy pictures for greater Austin


Session Tips:

We have a few tips to ensure you have a wonderful experience having your newborn photos taken:

1.  Schedule well before your due date.  You don't want to spend the last few weeks of your pregnancy or the first few days following baby's birth worrying about who you'll hire for your baby's photos.  Those last few weeks and the first few days get hectic: plan early!

2. Don't wait too long to have your photos taken.  Most newborn poses you've likely seen require a very sleepy and flexible baby.  Because of this, we shoot newborn sessions up to two weeks of age.  Plan on scheduling your newborn session to take place in the first 5-10 days of life.

3. Find the right photographer.  Find a photographer who you feel comfortable with!  You are going to entrust your precious baby to his or her care, so be sure you spend some time getting to know them before booking.  We offer a free "meet and greet" consultation when you're ready to speak with us about your baby's photos!

4. Incorporate meaningful props and fabrics.  We've found that clients love their photos THAT much more when something meaningful from their lives is incorporated into the images in some way.  Whether it's wedding bands, a favorite baby blanket from your youth or a special toy or prop you'd like to see, we encourage our clients to personalize their session as much as they want! 

5. Insist on safety.  Hand-in-hand with finding a photographer you trust, make sure you understand the risks involved with newborn photography and insist on a photographer who considers safety their number one concern.  Here are some steps we take to ensure baby's safety:

  • We utilize composite images when needed so as not to strain baby or put her in situations where she could be hurt. 
  • We also always shoot as a husband and wife team.  That way, one of us always has their hand on baby (or is within inches) while the other takes the photos.
  • We do not utilize props that may break, poke or harm baby in any way. 

For more information on our newborn sessions, please visit our Session Info page. 

Now that you know more about us, give us a call or drop us an email so that we can get to know you!  The call is free and there's no obligation to book with us. 

Call us at (512) 433-6823 or use our Contact form

If you're ready to book your session, or want to inquire about a specific date, just click the button below to get started!

 baby girl pictures in Austin

baby girl pictures in Austin

Have you booked your pregnancy portraits yet?  Newborn portraiture by Eternal Forms is the perfect addition to your maternity sessionAll maternity clients receive a $100 credit towards their newborn session.