Sorry it took a couple of weeks.  I had a few client deadlines to meet before I could start on these.  

NOTE: This page will be best viewed on a PC or laptop.  

Below is a slideshow of your images, followed by a grid of each image.  You can click on any thumbnail image to view it in a larger format.   

FYI - I batch edited the majority of these images (except for the last 10).  Let me know the (20) or so images you'd like of the action/interior shots and I'll go back through and edit those more closely (won't take very long).   

Gina I think you look beautiful!  :)  I'm still working on the headshots of Kian.  I think I may have one or two more outside that I'll work on.  The glasses glare requires a lot more editing work ...    I provided one before and after editing to show what I've done.  

I'm also still not done with the second to the last image (of Kian).  I wanted you to look at it and tell me if I should continue editing it or not (I know you said you weren't really feeling those inside portraits).  I really like the last one of Kian - a very big, genuine smile!