These precious siblings were such wonderful little models for us!  Mommy and Daddy live in Round Rock, actually right up the road from us, and already have two children.  We're grateful to have the opportunity to get to know Heather and Teddy a little better and share in the making of some truly priceless memories for them.  

Photographing twin newborns is like double the fun and twice the cuteness, so we just HAVE to share a couple sneak peeks!!  

Michelle is so gifted and crafty, she loves to stylize each session whenever possible.   As she does for so many of our newborn sessions, Michelle handmade both the headband and the pants in this first photograph.  They looked absolutely adorable! 

twin boy and girl newborn portraits

These two were totally sacked out by the end of their session!  Ohhh mommy and daddy, you certainly have your hands FULL!  

newborn photography for Round Rock, Texas

Michelle and Joseph Kilgus are co-owners/photographers at Eternal Forms Photography, a home studio based in Round Rock, Texas and offering Maternity and Newborn portraits for the Greater Austin area.   Click to learn more about our maternity and newborn sessions!