Five years ago, my Cousin Lacey and I, decided to try and get pregnant at the same time. We were both so excited to go through this season of life together, each of us with one miracle baby already and looking forward to growing our families. That first month came and went unsuccessfully and though we were both bummed we didn't let one another get down on ourselves. We made a prayerful promise that we would ask God to grant this miracle of life FOR one another, not simply for ourselves. Three months in I conceived my miracle boy...and for four years, every day, I prayed the rosary for my sweet Cousin to receive a miracle of her own.  

You see, Lacey and her husband James, are just about the most wonderful, selfless people you'll ever have the pleasure of knowing. Over the course of 5 years, they have opened their home, reconstructed it even, in order to foster multiple children in hopes of adopting their miracle child. Some of these children started out as babies, giving way to deep emotional connections, that for one reason or another were not allowed to continue, because God had other plans. So many times I would look at my own sweet boy and feel the sting of guilt and anguish for prayers seemingly unanswered.

Then last Summer, after much heartache, their family took a vacation to Disney World; their self proclaimed personal favorite place ON EARTH. I remember when they got back, she told me they had watched the fireworks that last night and together, with their daughter, made a "wish upon a star" that their miracle baby would be revealed at last. Little did they know that those dreams were already coming true. Within days of arriving home, they were summoned to the hospital in the middle of the night, to foster an 8 week old baby girl. Less than a year later they have been given the ultimate blessing of adopting this little angel. 


We were in town the week after she came to be fostered in her forever home, so we snagged a precious few moments in time, (and in hope), of 9 week old, 12 pound "Baby S" and her Big Sister Pia. Treasures to be sure, taken with a promise to hide the final images away until the day she officially became a Simon.

I am overjoyed, and filled with such enormous gratitude, to announce that their miracle has finally come to fruition. Today was Adoption Day for this sweet family of four and little Miss Sadie couldn't have picked a better star to sail in upon. God is GOOD and he answers us indeed. Welcome to the family sweet girl! We love you BIG up to the sky!