Months ago, we shared a sneak peek of these Lakeway, Texas twins and are just now getting to sharing the rest of their images!   Their mommy found us on Facebook and liked our work so much that she and her husband drove an hour one-way from Lakeway to have their babies' portraits taken.  We are so happy she did! 

These two were absolutely precious, and although we got some great images of them each separately, we really love the ones of them together.  There is an unspoken bond that is evident between twins even at the young age of five days old!  You can just tell they are most comfortable next to one another, curled up like they were for so many months in mommy's womb. 

My wife and I chuckle a little bit when we talk about this session.  Daddy came to the session, but it was soon apparent that he was, more or less, along for the ride and that it was mommy who really wanted these photos.  He didn't know what to expect.  When mommy started undressing the twins for their photos, daddy seemed shocked and alarmed that we were taking portraits of their naked children.  We had to explain to daddy that we take only tasteful and innocent images of newborns!   I guess he had never seen newborn photography before!  

After we showed him some of our work, daddy was a lot more understanding and loved the images we were taking.  

Here are a few we'd like to share from their session, enjoy!

twin newborn portraits sister

meet brother - Austin twin newborn photo

we just love their hands ... these sweet siblings!  

cuddled up just like they've been for months!

twin newborn portraits for Austin Texas