Heather and Teddy are incredibly sweet people and we enjoyed meeting them both and having the opportunity to take newborn portraits of their twins!  H+T are already parents of two and I think #4 came as a surprise at first.  Regardless, they certainly have room in their hearts to love all four and maybe this is why God blessed them with twins!  

One thing that we share in common is our education at Texas A&M University in College Station.  WHOOP!  They wanted to do a photo that included their love of A&M, and we went to task on that - constructing a miniature bonfire and outhouse and sewing together a couple of cute outfits for little bro and sis.  We're anxious to share these with you!

Michelle and Joseph Kilgus are co-owners/photographers at Eternal Forms Photography, a home studio based in Round Rock, Texas and offering Maternity and Newborn portraits for the Greater Austin area.   Click to learn more about our maternity and newborn sessions!