I'm an uncle (and no, not of a baby turtle)!!  Although I have two siblings of my own, neither of them has children.  Sorry brother and sister, but I was beginning to think I wasn't ever going to be an uncle!   Then God blessed my sister-in-law with her first baby!  And just look at him!  Isn't he just a bit of terrific?  (The phrase "a bit of terrific" is from one of my favorite movies of all-time: Some Like It Hot (1959) featuring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe.) 

Lindsey (my sister-in-law) and her man, Brandan, live in Georgetown and we're so excited to take their newborn portraits!!  Meet little Charlie!

Just look at those baby lips!

We're in love with this little guy!  Michelle, the proud aunt ("Nanny") that she is, practically starts crying every time she thinks of how much she loves her nephew.  "It's hard to imagine ever loving another child as much as you love your own, but..." she told me while holding Charlie and fighting back the tears of joy. 

in anticipation for fall, we put a little pumpkin hat on our little nephew

And what an adorable new TMNT he makes!  No doubt he's dreaming of a warm stack of fresh pizzas!

We're so excited for our boys to grow up with little Charlie.  There's about two years age difference between our oldest and youngest sons and between our youngest and Charlie.  We just know they're going to be the best of buds in the near future!  They're already taking a liking to him!!

I mean, too much cuteness for one image!  We liked this one so much, we bought it as a large canvas for grandma!

I. can't. handle. it.

Our pride aside, mommy and daddy are pretty fond of their little butterball, too!

Proud mommy and daddy

already good buds ...

fist bump!

And mommy is just in love with her baby boy.  How sweet is this?!

This was a new set up for us.  The fall leaves background we bought from LemonDrop Stop, the wood stump we picked up at a H-E-B, and the leaves were gathered from our background.  I honestly don't remember where the Davey Crockett hat came from, but it's absolutely precious!

We could go on and on!  But we'll just share one last image before we go ...

Thanks, little dude, for being such a great model for us!

Thanks, little dude, for being such a great model for us!

Michelle and Joseph Kilgus are co-owners/photographers at Eternal Forms Photography, a home studio based in Round Rock, Texas and offering Maternity and Newborn portraits for Georgetown, Round Rock and the Greater Austin area.  Click to learn more about our maternity and newborn sessions!