I'm just now getting around to posting a lot of pics - these are from three weeks ago.

The one thing about being a photographer is, you take a lot of photographs.  It may take awhile to get around to editing them and getting them printed though! 

I guess it's better a little late than never.  The memories are preserved and I try to work on them in my down time. 

It's become a family tradition to take photos of our boys at the local pumpkin patch each year for Halloween.  Nothing says "fall" to me like a huge pile o' pumpkins! 

When I was growing up, my parents used to take us to the annual Pumpkin Festival in Morton, Illinois - the "Pumpkin Capital of the World".  They see hundreds of thousands of pumpkins through that town every year, and they claim that up to 85% of the world's canned pumpkins come from Morton's Libby's cannery. 

That's a lot of pumpkins, huh??

But I digress, I was writing about our boys!

Just look at these little pumpkins of ours!

You'd think they've had practice modeling before.  ;)

And this one - well, it's just plain silly!  It was actually quite a challenge getting the both of them to stick their heads in the hole - at the same time - while holding that little butterball up with my left arm!  As this photo clearly illustrates, the guys in our family have no shortage of silliness in their veins thanks to my Grandpa Jake :) 

Unfortunately, our boys didn't get to meet great grandpa, but it's pretty funny how genes get passed down and it's like a part of him is right here inside of them.  In ALL the silliness and orneriness!

{{Love you, Grandpa!}}

And here are a couple of collages I threw together to show how much they've grown.  The one of our oldest just blows my mind!