We had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Mr. and Mrs. Veach's daughter ("A") for our Portraits With Santa event last year.   "A's" were among our favorites of the day, so we were very excited when her mom contacted us this fall for family portraits!   For this session, the Veach's wanted an urban, distinctively Austin feel, so we headed down to the South Congress/South First area. 

The image above was taken in front of the now famous Austin Postcard Mural on South First.  The afternoon sun was not ideal on this south facing wall, and while it made for some really great saturated colors, it was a challenge to minimize the squinting.  I imagine that taking photos of this location is really best in the morning light - at least during the fall. 

Even so, this pair of doors is in the same location and is among the Veach's (and our!) favorites.  We especially love how "A" is rolling her foot!

Another location the Veach's wanted to visit was the "I love you so much" mural at Jo's on South Congress.  We made our way from the postcard mural to Jo's and stopped at several places along the way.


Outside of Casa, and along the store front where The Gifted, Feathers and Prototype Vintage Design are located, there are a few really cool walls where we took the above images.

A little further north, we stopped at the Hotel San Jose for some shots by their beautiful ivy and arched window. 


We finally pushed through the pedestrian traffic along South Congress and made our way to Jo's.  We had to wait in line for a couple of minutes (it's a very popular tourist spot for photos), but everyone was really cool while we took a few minutes to take portraits there.

Then the Veach's mentioned going over to Tom's Roasting Company across the street, which I'm glad we did.  There were several places there to take photos and we finished up the session there as the sun set. 



Hi, my name is Michelle!  That's me below with the youngest of our two boys.  Together with my husband, Joseph, we are the photographers behind Eternal Forms.   Growing up in East Texas, I was the oldest of three daughters.  We had a very tight-knit family and getting together with extended family was a common occurrence.  All of my life, I wanted to be a mom and have a family of my own.  Now that we have two boys, my husband and I both feel very blessed!   There's nothing more important in our lives than our family. 

When we had a bad experience with our wedding photographer several years ago, I told Joseph that we needed to do something with our love of photography and family and make a positive impact on people's lives through portraits.  After hearing other's "horror stories" about working with so-called professional photographers, I just knew we could make a difference and right some of the wrongs of many in our profession. 

We endeavor to make your portrait experience fun, meaningful and memorable and to produce photographs you and your family will not only love, but cherish for a lifetime.  My husband has  spent countless hours perfecting his work both behind the camera as well as in the digital dark room.    

I know the amount of time and care that goes into crafting images for you and I assure you that he works hard to make your photographs look their best.  Even after he's finished, he likes to joke that I'm his "Inspector No. 1", because every photo must pass my control check before they're ready to be shown to clients! 

We want to be your family's photographer.  Give us a call and we'll be happy to talk with you about what would make the perfect session for you and your family.  (512) 433-6823.  Or email us at info@eternalforms.com.  Be sure to ask about our Money Back Guarantee!  We look forward to hearing from you!